IN_CUBO presents:
by Patrizia Bettini
curated by Romano Rocchi
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If you want a picture that changes every day you can compose it by yourself. The hands that make the cards come out from the cards. But if you put the card in the right place, she laughs.

INTRODUCTION TO THE GAME of the card maps.
But if the tarot of the water heater comes out ? Upside down? Yes, often the card can turn against you, especially if you cross your legs during the Tarot reading. Put some tea leaves next to the deck of card, indeed, parsley. Count the cards. Perhaps there is some ideogram in or some rune. Certainly a sun, a chakra, a moon in growth. A movement. An abandoned courtyard with puddles in, and beastly letters. Lay down the cards and feel like the wind blows. Invent a recipe - Patrizia Bettini

Rome, October 25th/November 13th - 2010

© Toni Garbasso