Art space

DINNERWARE ARTSPACE - 119 Toole Ave - Tucson, AZ


Click on images to open interactive panoramas Over the years, many changes have happened in downtown Tucson. Along Toole and Sixth Street, new owners of properties have popped up and new tenants have moved in. An Arts District shakeup is in progress. On February 17th, meet some of the new energies that have moved in, are moving in, will move into this up an coming district. There is a sense of something brewing in the visual arts, the music scene, art production, food trucks, photography darkrooms, printmaking, yoga, and so much more. Drop by Dinnerware Artspace, 119 E. Toole, grab a beer, get a sense of what's coming to this area in the very near future. Tour a nearby space in process of renovation.  
Art Works by: Patrick McArdle, To-Ree-Nee Wolf, Susan Ettl

© Toni Garbasso