Photo Exhibition
Toni Garbasso
of the territory of the BASSO PIAVE
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Eraclea, May 15th to June 15th - 2016

Reading of the Basso Piave is a visual analysis to know and identify the reclamation of the east Venice area.

The exhibition presents groups of images organized into research topics that focus the main aesthetic characteristics of the area.

The area of ​​the Basso Piave shows a totally artificial landscape, man-made, and subject, beyond the seasonal variations, to constant change and, at times, to disruptions.
Its beauty has to be discovered and understood to be able to protect.

Today we begin to realize that beauty, of nature (curated by man), as well as of the urban nuclei or living and social spaces, it is of fundamental importance for the quality of our lives.

The beauty to be found in these lands is not "the great beauty", but it is in the small scale: in the spinneys, in the tree lines, in the home's gardens.
The landscape belongs to everyone, can not be hidden or private, and just because it's yours, mine, ours, we can not allow its degradation, we must care for it, just as we take care of our garden or our house balcony.

This exhibition is a research on the beauty of the territory, in its various forms, starting from the primitive elements, the sky, the earth, the water up to its aesthetic and structural contradictions.

Toni Garbasso
"The Republic...Safeguards landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation."
(Art. 9 - Constitution of the Italian Republic)


© Toni Garbasso