Art and photography
mostra fotografica di Toni Garbasso
Forte Stella, Porto Ercole
dal 29 agosto al 12 settembre 2009

pianta forte stella

Sea Matter
is rough material, but thin,
sometimes spotted and worn, never dirty.
It's ancient wood and rust,
as plastic and paint,
cotton and nylon.

Sea Matter
is a collection of fragments,
details of a unique ambient.
It's the escape of a global vision of the surround, it's the landing to the nature of a context.
The context of the harbour, docks,
yards, mooring, fishing.

Sea Matter
is in Porto Ercole, Caorle, Fiumicino,
is on San Pietro island in Venice,
but is also in every harbour where life is made by the sea...

Sea Matter
is physical substance, more than pictorial impression,
is the framing of the circle,
is the perception of the light vibrancy,
is the joy and the love of colour.

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© Toni Garbasso
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