IL CASTELLO arte moderna e contemporanea

Milano e la Pittura
1950 | 1975

Bonalumi, Burri, Capogrossi, Castellani, Crippa, Dorazio, Dova, Ferrari, Fontana, Marrocco, Novelli, Scanavino, Turcato, Vedova

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From 28th May to 30th July 2015

The 28th of May at 6:30 pm unveil at the gallery Il Castello Modern and Contemporary Art the art exhibition Milan and Painting 1950 | 1975. For the occasion we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the gallery with the exposition of 15 paintings made by artists who attended Brera and the Gallery. Brera is the meeting place of the most famous artists of the second half of last century.
Adriano and Marcello Conte, the owners of the Gallery, make available paintings of their own private collection to friends and collector. Most of this paintings are not exposed by years.

The artistic period shown in the exhibition refers to years when Milan was birthplace and intersection of artistic movements. There were experiments, performance, meeting of artists , mutual exchange of techniques, taught, inspirations, researches of new ways of expression.
In the district of Brera several artists shown in this exhibition had their own office and the Gallery was scenery of dialogues and private exhibition that remained in memory of collectors, intellectuals, gallery owners, historians who attended the district.

Il Castello Modem and Contemporary Art

II Castello modem and contemporary art Gallery was bom in 1964 in Milan. From the very beginning started to deal with most important Italian and international artists of XX century.
At the end eighties Adriano and Marcello Conte started to work in the gallery and in 1993 they founded "II Castello Modern and Contemporary Art" company; in the same year they organized exhibitions dedicated to Crippa, Dova and Fontana. It was a great success. On the wake of good results, they started to organized in the gallery several very important monographic art exhibitions dedicated to some of most representative Maestro of the time, as Mark Kostabi (1995), Emilio Tadini (1996), Gianni Dova (1997), Giulio Turcato (1999), Roberto Crippa (2000), Ennio Morlotti (2002), Piero Dorazio (2003), Piero Gilardi (2004), Agostino Ferrari (2005), Joan Miro (2006), Lucio Fontana (2007), Gianni Dova (2008), Giuseppe Capogrossi (2008), Victor Vasarely (2009), Walter Velentini (2010), Mario Schifano (2010), Andy Warhol (2011), Keith Haring (2011), Francesco Vitali (2011), Paolo De Cuarto (2011), Francesco De Molfetta, Veronica Picelli and Damiano Spelta (2012), Piero Dorazio (2012), Damien Hirst (2013).

Over The years the gallery also filed and archive Gianni Dova's paintings; for this author the gallery make a valuation of private collection and buy/sells artwork for third parties. At the beginning 2000 II Castello opened a section dedicated to Italian contemporary art, and focused on young artist like Alfonso Bonavita, Willy Verginer, Matteo Pugliese, Sergio Fermariello, Piero Gilardi, Paolo De Cuarto, Francesco Vitali and Damiano Spelta.

Gallery artists: Lucio Fontana, Amaldo Pomodoro, Enrico Castellani, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Armando Marrocco, Fernando Botero, Wilfredo Lam, Agostino Bonalumi, Alighiero Boetti, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Alberto Burri, Mimmo Rotella, Piero Dorazio, Victor Vasarely, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Tom Wesselmann, Wassiley Kandinsky.

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