Artist - Theatre


by Ro' Rocchi
Castello di Ceri, September 2009

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"Sleeping is somehow like dying" but also like dreaming. It's the "Pink Suicide," which leads us to the oneiric dimension. The character is iridescent and multiform. From the world of dreams, it invites us into the cube, leaving "infinity" behind, to enter the "finite world" that is the cube, standing for the social world, that world in which we are contained and sometimes constricted. The cube is the container and we are the content. The performance is the invitation to enter, from the world of dreams, to the reality of the present moment: IN CUBE.

…come on in! Come in and have a look at the reality that's around us and become a part of it.

Ro' Rocchi

Thanks to:
Sergio Monaco , Castello di Ceri
Vincenzo Moretti


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