Once upon a time there was a village...SORANO
Portrait of years 1979/1981
Small Synagogue of Sorano
September 10/24, 2017
Photos by Toni Garbasso
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"This phrase was painted on the wall that closed the area of the village evacuated for the ruin and crumbling of the tufaceous cliff on which Sorano is perched.

We were in 1979, and the writing referred to a living country until the late sixties, when, in addition to the ruin, an economic depression moved most of the inhabitants to other places.
Nowadays it has been partially restored, known by tourism, and, at least in summer, repopulated.

This photographic reading was made between 1979 and 1981 as part of the research conducted by the Urbanism Course of the University of Florence.

I spent three months in winter in a lonely, damp and cold country where only the cellars were vaguely animated.

Among the rubble of an ancient and abandoned world, I found the traces of a folk and peasant culture that was disappearing."

This is the documentary of a young photographer, just twenty years old, who has later worked as architectural photographer, having success in working with challenging architectural studies.

More than half of the prints on display are silver salts vintage prints .
Sorano's documentation was later integrated with a panorama and a color photo, which are made in the late 1980s.

I dedicate this exhibition to prof. Riccardo Mariani (died in 2011) and the students of Urbanistica II, Riccardo and Marilena Bertini, Achille and Manuela Tricoli, from whom I learned how to see and photograph the territory beyond pictorialism.

C'era una volta...

© Toni Garbasso