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Casa Cocò, Manziana
May 2012

TONI DiNERO(Black Tones)

A speech on the negative, even a requiem for his death.
A Prosit! to the passage of the silver salts negative, to its technology,
that has a particular unconscious,
embossing numbers and brand of film on the frame,
that needs a camera on which to bend your back,
that uses toxic substances to develop the latent image,
that must be then converted to a print ...
The magic of the Black / White is also carried to its death:
It is a passage in a pictorial afterlife, where it will live forever.

01 1) The Black.
My cat passed.
Black cat.
And "the Black" was called ...
Nothing that a dead cat.
But it left a void that now I associate with his blackness.
It colored my soul with his black being.
And now I'm project an exhibition of black tones.
To him I dedicate this exhibition ...
To a dead cat!
02 2) The fingers of the witch.
Long, broken, tenacious,
they grip the tree back
and mine.
03 3) Wooden tombstone.
Reading the years in the wood rings is like reading
the date of birth and death on a memorial plaque.
But it is a photographic icon too: how many thousands
of photos had been taken at a cut tree trunks?
But this from Manziana!
04 4) Tree juice.
The birth of an amber gem.
A Faustian Homunculus,
a casual appearance in an alchemical process
seraching for the technological unconscious.
05 5) Requiem for Black / White negative.
On the new ink-jet sheet music.

© Toni Garbasso