HA Schult - "Corona Save the Beach" Garbage Hotel


Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo Gardens - June, 4, 2010

The Garbage Hotel is an art project made by the german artist Ha Schult, sponsored by the Corona bier.

It was built using 12 tonnes of rubbish, including plastic bottles, cans and even car exhaust pipes collected from the Capocotta beach in Rome.

The Rome event is just one portion of an ongoing initiative by "Corona Save the Beach" to lend support to healthy, clean and trash-free beaches all across Europe.

In the four days of opening it guests the danish top model Helena Christensen.
"When you're inside the house, there are walls as there would be in a normal house, but they are all made of inorganic waste," Ms Christensen, who is also an environmental campaigner, told the BBC.
"And then the outside... is completely covered in everything that we throw on beaches.
"And so you can basically just go around the house, and look at a lot of very personal objects, and some of them make you really wonder what made a human being throw this away on a beach."

In a statement provided by the artist on the Save the Beaches website Schult says:
"The philosophy of this hotel is to expose the damage we are causing to the sea and the coastline. We live in the era of trash and we are running the risk of becoming trash ourselves. Do we really want this world?"

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