Drawings, Paintings, Watercolors
September, 24th / 25th, 2011

Saturday Sept. 24th was inaugurated in Lucca a triple exhibition dedicated to the artist Valerio Adami, one of the great protagonists of contemporary Italian painting. The project, born from the synergy between the artist, Usher Art Gallery, Claudio Poleschi Contemporary Art ,and Lu.CCA, is divided into three exhibitions, like a journey in three stations, in the old town, to discover the main genres that make up the language of Adami: drawing, painting on canvas and watercolor.
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Valerio Adami (Bologna 1935) starts painting in the Felice Carena's atelier in Venice in 1945.
After meeting Oskar Kokoschka in 1951, event that marks a key moment in his training, he begins to study drawing with Achille Funi at the Brera Academy.
After the first exhibitions of 1958, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London and at the Naviglio in Milan, he lives a wandering life often reported in his biographies. He travels Europe, especially in Paris, and he exhibits in major museums around the world, in New York (1966), in Latin America and in the East, meeting artists, musicians, writers and intellectuals in a long season of friendship and exchanges of experiences.
After an initial phase dominated by the existential onset (the informal, Francis Bacon, the gestural painting and the late surrealism), the artist feels the urge for a personal but objective output, from the residual post-war expressionism, and from superficial exteriority of the languages of the masses.
In fact, the new story that Adami brings into play from the '60s, relating to English and American pop art, is a constant and gradual process of translation and simplification, of deconstruction and reassembly, from the private world of phenomenological objectivity to the drawn and painted image.
In the final painting the line still marks the color field, almost like the structure of lead on medieval stained glass windows. Through this process of freezing, as bright as melancholy, Adami seems to question the actual connection between art and truth, reality and language.
The artist participates in major international exhibitions, including the Documenta in Kassel in 1964 and the Venice Biennale in 1968.
Since 1990 he lives in Paris, Monte Carlo and Meina, on Lake Maggiore.

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Galleria Usher arte
from 09/24 to 110/12, 2011
via della Zecca 15 - Lucca

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Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea
from 09/24 to 110/12, 2011
Chiesa di San Matteo, San Matteo 3, Lucca
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"Morning Raga" by Nihar Metha (tablas) and Sudeshna Bhattacharya (sarode)

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Lu.C.C.A. - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art
from 09/25 to 10/23, 2011
via della Fratta 36, Lucca
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