from Nazi-fascist occupancy in Italy
Porta S. Paolo – Rome, April 25th 2009

"To my beloved sons: to be honest is the best adornment of your life.
Make a religion of the love for human beings and be always present with the suffering of your fellow creatures. Love freedom and remember that this goodness has to be paid for with continued sacrifice and sometimes with life.
It is better not to live a life in slavery.
Love your motherland, but remember that the true motherland is Planet Earth, and everywhere people are, they are your brothers.
Maybe, if it is my destiny, I will survive this proof; but if not, I'll die in certainty that the spring I was waiting for, will arrive for you too.
And this hope gives me the strength to peacefully face this life."
Pietro Benedetti.

This martyr was shot for his anti-fascist activity on April 29th 1944 by a firing squad of the PAI (Italian African Police).

Liberation Day: on April 25th 1945 Italy was set free from the nazi-fascist occupation.

© Toni Garbasso