CAMPO ROM di SALONE, aprile 2004

Romani Camp in Salone, Rome

The Romani camp in Via di Salone is on the extreme eastern side of Rome.
Here, beside a Council camp for Slav gypsies, a sort of spontaneous settlement of Rumanian Romani gypsies has developed.
The population varies between 800 and 1200. There is no electricity, no drains, just two stand pipes for water. In the winter, they burn plastic bottles to keep themselves warm, the rain gets into the caravans and there are big rats everywhere.
In terms of hygiene and sanitation, the situation verges on an emergency.
Last summer the illegal settlement was demolished and the inhabitants were thrown together in an area where a new fully equipped camp was supposed to be set up the following spring.
The panorama shows the first day of spring - only a high fence has been built.
It looks like a cage.
Meanwhile the inhabitants of the camp are waiting for spring to come.

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© Toni Garbasso