This Virtual Tour has a very simple navigation, based on maps and cards.
From the starting page ("HOME"), you can reach three maps:

  1. The town of Marsala
  2. The isle of Motya
  3. The territory in general

Clicking on red dots, you reach the linked card.

At "HOME" page too, using the drop-down menu, you can reach any single card.

Once you have open the card, to open the panorama, just click on the right icon or click on the writing "open"

The panorama will open only if you have the Flash plug-in installed, otherwise it will appear a message asking for the installation.

You can install Flash plug-in from here too.

Once the panorama is loaded, put the cursor at the center of the image, click and drag to rotate the panorama.

To zoom-in or zoom-out, you can press Maiusc and Ctrl keys on Windows
or Maiusc and Apple on Mac

To navigate through the maps, or to go back to "home" page or to open the "credits", "bibliography" pages, you can use the top menu:

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