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Barbara Jo, Albert Kogel, Andrew Polk - November 2013

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Two abstract artists, a painter and a sculptor, showing in the Main Gallery.
Mike Stack constructs paintings of thin horizontal strips of oil paint, for a color field that shifts vertically in shimmering optical effect. Like so many modem painters, his works are fundamentally 2-dimensional yet
convey a subtle illusion of depth.
His drawings are highly worked, spontaneous exercises in process, where order is wrought from non-specific gesture.

In his introductory exhibit for The New Artist Series Steve Murphy takes the Minimalist road to
expression in highly refined, severely reduced metal sculpture. His simple shapes are proportioned to
create substantial volumetrie weight and seductive 360 degree views.
Both these artists have accomplished the abstract ideal of provoking thought and emotion through non­definable form.

January 19, 2011 to February 26, 2011

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Artists: Albert Kogel, Bruce McGrew, Judith Stewart, Charlotte Bender, Barbara Jo McLaughlin, Joanne Kerrihard,
James Cook, Lee Chesney, Tim Murphy, Amy Metier, Joy Fox(and others)

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