Sequenze & collezioni

by Toni Garbasso
October 2023
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Spazio Mostre Photofashion

I have been dealing with the concept of sequence since slides were projected, and of collection since the impressive seriality of the Becker couple's work.
It is a way of considering photography as a narrative structured by a set of images, or if seen as a poetic act, by stanzas.
Sequence, if the images are somehow linked to each other by formal terms, and collection when the group of images has a generically associative character.
Hoping to arouse your curiosity, I have extracted from my archives a series of examples, the most significant ones produced over the years, a list of diversified structural characteristics, but not totally independent of the content.
I also propose below a scheme of representation procedures, (in italian) which, developed in the 1990s, ideally defines various types of sequences and their origin, imagining the operation of photographing as speaking a language.

Procedimenti di rappresentazione - download PDF here


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