Studio Argento (Silver Studio) was born as a place where the silver salts were developed and fixed: a photo lab.
From May 2000 is a web site, first dedicated to experimental researches on immersive photography, then a repository and archive of musums, exhibition, art spaces, using a 360 degrees view.
Studio Argento is exclusively made by Toni Garbasso.
This is his traditional photo web-site:
  Studio Argento is not a company nor a commercial site. Write us for any question!  
  toni dot garbasso at  
  My first virtual tour, for ILAUD 1999. A documentation of the areas around the Arsenale of Venice.  
  Photographs taken in analogue, with Nikon F2 and 20mm, scans with Canon scanner, image stitching with QuickTime Authoring Studio, tour builded with MapSaVR by Squamish Media Group.  

© Toni Garbasso