Immersive photography

The Blond Tiber
Notes about the project:

The Blond Tiber is a colletion of panoramas made in the years 2004/2008.

The bank of the Tiber is a quiet area, large, and near to my house to be chosen as the ideal place where to make tests and experiments on immersive photography.

This is how the project begun:
Testing my gears and experimenting new techniques, I notice that I had produced a collection of images, that in a second time I organized in an interface and related to a map.

Notes about the shooting:

* Already in 2004 the Tiber was giving shelter to the poorest immigrants, the most desperate, homeless, mostly coming from Romania.
I never "cut-off" this situations, within the Tiber area and under the bridges I choose to give a witness, an evidence when I met this cases, but not searching for them.

* The only info for each panorama is just the place and the shooting date.
You can find specific information about the Tiber bridges on

In these panoramas a flood was documented either:

These are about the historical flood of December 12/13 2008:

Toni Garbasso, Rome, december 2008.

A further addition was made in 2011, as soon as the Ponte della Musica was finished:

In 2020, the virtual tour was completely renewed, having to make up for the coding change (API) imposed by Google Maps, therefore no longer functional.
The interface has been preserved exactly as it was in the 2008 version, the map is similar to the original but based on the KRpano software, the basic image is from Google Earth Pro, with the "save image" function.

Rome, April 1, 2020



© Toni Garbasso